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Fortunately for me, I purposely never tried a Krispy Kreme so I would never know what I was missing and lust after it.

Except during my fat period caused by the old medication, I've always been cold before everyone else. My theory is I've always been smaller than everyone else, had less body fat (but not necessarily less body fat percentage). So maybe Meg you get cold now too because you're so small, rather than because of a decreased leptin level.

Now on my new med, my thoughts are very focused on eating very healthy. I've never been so focused on food before, and I feel driven to eat fruits and vegetables and avoid fats and sugars. I've had a definite switch in my brain chemistry. My mind keeps saying, "Eat a salad". My hope is it will last forever which will make maintaining my weight loss a snap.

If not, I've learned so much from being a part of the 3FC Maintainers forum that I can put that knowledge to work for me.

In my 'real life' as opposed to my 'online life' (i.e. 3FC) I don't know anyone who has ever gone on a diet, lost weight, and then been able to maintain it. (Aside from losing pregnancy weight).

So something must permanently change in a person's body when they go from being a thin person to being overweight that doesn't change back when they become thin again.

And it takes vigilance of eating right and exercising to overcome that change in order to maintain weight loss.

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