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I'm going to chime in although I haven't read the book. I just picked up on this quote above:

“How do you get the reasons why you want to lose weight to be important enough to maintain that self control forever?”

For me, weight alone could never be that important. I don't give a stuff about being 148, or any other weight. For me the focus has to be on the things that I can do, and the things I want to do that complement my weight loss.

As many of you know, I'm a runner. I eat well, and I train hard because I want to run further and faster. Obviously that doesn't harm my weight maintenance. But I don't do it to maintain. In fact, I sometimes wonder whether I ever did it to lose in the first place, I was always more focussed on things that I wanted to do rather than how I wanted to look when I did them. If I could run a really fast marathon but the pay off was gaining 20lb, I'd be getting some bigger clothes out of storage.

For me, although I do have to pay attention to what I eat and the exercise I do, it doesn't seem to be such a mental slog as some people go through. I think the key for me has been finding a lifestyle that ties in with the things I need to do, rather than constantly feeling like I'm fighting a battle against my metabolism.

I've also started seeing myself as a naturally thin person who went off the rails for a while and got fat, rather than the other way round. Whether that's a lie which would be shown up by medical tests, I don't know, but it makes it easier for me to accept my current lifestyle without thinking that it's anything abnormal. I just think that this is how I should have been living all along.

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