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Originally Posted by Kery
As I wrote in another post, what struck me in the book were the attitudes of the people taking part in the study. They are understandable, of course, since those were men and women who had already tried and failed several times. But not once has they struck me as having actually hope in themselves. It was always hope in the program, hope that they’d be on Atkins and not on LEARN, hope in the study... not in their own ability to ‘just do it’, if I may say so.
I think that's a great point. From what I've read in the psychological literature, the way to change a behavior involves self-efficacy, the belief you can "do" it. There are other issues involved too, but that's a big one.

And for me, it's actually NOT a belief I had when I started. I tried without believing I could go all the way. I just knew I had to try again. Somewhere along the line (and after discovering 3fc) I realized, just possibly, that I could do it!

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