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HI LADIES ~ got some questions for you; a friend of mine (who doesn't own a PC) asked me to ask you about LAP-BAND surgery. Her doctors want her to consider this op as she is 340 lbs & 60 y/o; and has been on numerous diets and re-gained all the weight and more (sounds very familiar).

Anyways, she scared of the staple one; not sure about the by-pass; but thinks the lap-band is just a tight band that they put around part of the stomach which makes the stomach much smaller. Her doc says she won't lose weight as fast or as much, but is the least intrusive of the three, with the least possible complications (which is her greatest concern).

Will she end up vomiting a lot (one of my friends did)? Is it true that you can only eat 4-6 tablespoons of food for a meal? Does your stomach stretch bigger again after awhile? Do they eventually remove the band or does it stay on forever? I tried to get info off the lap-band site (above) and couldn't get past the sign-in thingy.

ANYWAYS, from what you say, she couldn't eat any solids for 4-5 weeks after surgery. When and what kind of solids will she be able to eat then? She eats a lot of fruit and veggies now, but very little meat as she is diabetic and has severe kidney stones.

Anything you can think of for her; she says this is her doctor's idea and his recommendation to her; not her idea, and she's unsure of it all. She is going to see the specialist very soon. What should she ask him? She is concerned that they won't tell her the whole truth about side effects and what she will be able to eat afterwards. Thanks for your input and answers ~ ROSEBUD.
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