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I think to some level...yeah. I mean, I look at my thin friend who always has yummies in the house and it is clear weight does not permeate her waking existance the way it does mine. In fact the only thought to it she does give is that her way of eating is making her dh fat.

But then there is this statement:
It is one thing to resist Krispy Kreme doughnuts while you are losing weight, or to tell yourself that celery celery is a snack. But how, he asks, can you live this way for the rest of your life?
Which leaves out the other alternatives.

That resisting Krispy Kremes may indeed become less difficult with time. That for many of us we ate krispy kremes out of sugar addiction, habit or self loathing and now that we are no longer addicted, have broken the habit and dont routinely hate ourselves, they dont hold that much power.

And/or that we have learned it is possible to eat ONE Krispy Kreme now and then and balance it with other things and be ok. That it doesnt have to be full out deprivation.

And most likely....The choice isnt always krispy kreme or celery, maybe in the long run the choice is fresh berries with just a dollop of creme - and thats not so bad now is it?

That the key to success is EXACTLY what is missing from this book....getting rid of the all or nothing mentality.

Because bottom line. Weight/food/exercise has ALWAYS ruled my every waking moment. I did not spend any less time thinking about it when I was fat than I do now. The difference is now my thoughts are accompanied by action and my thoughts are a whole lot more productive and positive.

Maybe...maybe she is right, maybe I would be better off just learning to love myself fat. But I tell you if the choices are learn to love being fat or work on thin the rest of my life, the latter seems the EASIER choice. Change my body or change my brain?
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