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Sorry..but this seems like the typical "if a little is good more must be better"

Yes the super rail thin are unhealthy, I was certainly healthier at 150 than an anorexic, probably even at 180, but that doesnt mean more is better

Am I healthier now than at 150? I dont know. But I know for a fact that I am healthier than I was at 180.

There are SOOOO many ways those statistics can be skewed...take for example the study on the hospitals in our area. My local community hospital had a heart attack and stroke mortality rate DOUBLE the bigger city hospitals.

What wasnt mentioned in the report is that my town is a retirement home mecca. Our population is extremely skewed with almost 40% of the population being over 65. A significant # who die at the retirement homes are transported by ambulance to the ER and then pronounced. Technically they "died at the hospital" because they were pronounced at the hospital.
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