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Wow Carolyn - 1200 calories, that's rough. Really, REALLY rough. I'm glad that you have accepted that and are okay with it. It must be hard though. I suppose you're happy with the weight that you are right now and increasing your calories would add to that. You don't think you'd be happy at 115 lbs or 110? Well of course only you know the answer to that, and obviously you ARE happy with where your weight is or you WOULD up your calories. I give you lots of credit.

I eat mostly vegetables, lean proteins and a little fruit - no bread, pasta, rice or any of that kind of stuff. It was really my first week trying to maintain. This week I'm trying to go a little lower then the 1400, so far so good, but the week is still early. We shall see what happens. This is all new to me.

Heather, I'm glad those 3 lbs were whisked away also. It's funny, I haven't had a swing like that in a loooong time. It did scare me a bit. But that's okay. I NEED to be scared. It made me tighten my belt a bit so to speak.
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