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I wish I had understood this the FIRST time I lost over a 100 pounds!!!

I am a ways from maintenance yet, but I have been wondering just how do I figure what calorie diet I need at the "maintenance" wt I chose to be??

I have been on an extremely low calorie diet....last month "I blew" beyond hope, I thought. I was shocked to see that even though I ate everything not nailed down for about 2 weeks of the month, I had lost 6 pounds for the month. I wondered if my metabolism had "temporarily" changed to accomadate the increased load. (I feel this is a DANGEROUS enigma and hope to avoid "binging", but still on some level, I wonder if the occasional increase in calories for a short period of time during entense dieting would help to keep the body motivated to increase metabolism???)

This time...losing weight is a necessity for my well being, and I feel that I will try everything I need to in order to maintain at a lower level, even if it means reducing the calorie intake per day.

If I were younger....yes I would do leptin injections daily (or even more often) in order to burn more calories. Right now, I am happy consuming fewer calories. The ABC news had a segment on weight, and it's take was that it was STRESS that was causing this problem, and scientist are very excited about the possibility of creating an antidote to block the stress hormones released....but that is supposed to be a few years maybe metabolism and stress go hand in hand????? Yes we need more studies on weight management on maintenance. I feel really apprehensive about getting to maintenance, because I don't know how much change that I will need to accomodate the interval between stop loosing and begin gaining. I am so glad that the maintainers out there are here with us to "keep the light on" for us.
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