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3 + years maintaining
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I've always blamed my height, or should I say my lack thereof, not my metabolisim for having to consume so few calories in order to lose and then maintain.

It really is hard to believe that I will have to be this strict - forever. There's just no way that I'm maintaining at 2100 calories like Heather or even 1800 like Glory. No way on earth. I tried it out last week. I did maintain, had an almost 3 lb scare in the middle of the week. Back down to 138 by Sunday. But it was more like on 1400 calories - with about 2 hours of exercise. Sheesh. I am enjoying this new me though so very much, I am willing to stick it out for the long haul on so few calories. I really, really hope that I don't have to actually decrease that as I get older. The thing I think I will have a harder time sustaining at this point is the 2 hours of exercise.
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