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Accepting who she is
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Wow. I am so glad I hopped into this discussion. Hopefully the 'brary will have the book for me tomorrow.

I graduated high school around 106. In two years, I was up to 119. Then I went on Norplant and gained 30 pounds in three months without any other changes to lifestyle. It was horrible. I not only gained weight, but it was in really weird places....

And around 154 has been my resting weight since then. After I read Meg's post, I went back through my old WW booklets (one for each baby), and 154-156 always was a long, painful plateau. That is where I am now. I have not lost in almost 6 weeks. Looking at my cal-count, I should be down 7 pounds if you take a cals in-cals out equation.

I believe that the Norplant did something to my metabolism that I have not been able to reverse. I think that I don't process things in a 3500 calorie/pound kind of way. I build in 150 cals to my day off the bat to accommodate for a missed portion size, eating a few of the kids' goldfish, having more milk in my coffee than exactly 2 T...those little things that I might in the course of a day.

However, I was ready to just quit, accept 154 and move on. Now I think I can accept that I might need to have a 4000 cal deficit per pound, and I can live with that just being part of what makes me who I am, like eye color or skin tone.

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