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Mornin' ladies... Where the **** are the guys??!!

I decided to do a TO today and tomorrow, as I enter this final stretch toward goal... Since we don't have any major plans for the 4th, I don't think I'll be tempted too much on the holiday.. Besides, I'll be more into the fireworks aspect of the day...

I don't know.. Maybe I'll smoke that brisket in the freezer...

Joni, congrats on the loss.. Yes, it CAN happen...

Karen - Isn't that a cool feeling? My mom, the person who has always been down on me because of my weight, actually wondered if I shouldn't stop losing weight.

Felicia - Good job at the Chinese place.. Buffets are always tough, but there are ways to make it through, and places that grill the stuff for you are the best!

Cassi - We all have days like that! Go forth and munch no more!

Talk to y'all later!

On edit: OH! I forgot.. Rumor has it that LAWL is going to be starting up again in New Mexico.. I wonder if they will honor old client's contracts?? Probably not, but if they want some good word of mouth, they'll do it!! Stay tuned.. May have only been a rumor, but we'll see....
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