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Wish I had the book already

Just based on this discussion, I find the study to be very noninformative. People lost weight, then gained it back. The study tells us nothing about maintenance - did the people in the study change how they ate forever? Because if they didn't, of course they would gain the weight back.

I could have been one of the people in the study for 20 years. I dieted, lost weight, stopped dieting, gained the weight back. Dieted, lost weight, stopped dieting, gained the weight back back. This time, I started a lifetime "diet", lost weight, never stopped "dieting" and never gained the weight back.

This quote is very telling "They can diet; they can lose weight, they can feel that this time they really are in control. Yet vexingly, their weight inevitably drifts back up to where it started." Did they interview the people and ask how they were attempting to keep the weight off?

The only successful maintainers I know, "diet" every day for the rest of their lives. They make mindful choices and most exercise regularly.

The author should had tied this chapter back to some of the other topics (like around the increased hunger of the formerly obese) in order to make a more compelling case.
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