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Default LAWL Losers and Friends - July 2 - July 8

Happy Monday!!!

Amy- Thanks for asking about my POP goal for the day! I did make was tough but I did it. When I think about it, I am like how can I let food get all in my head like this and this weekend I just didn't have answer. That's just how it is sometimes.

Joni- Our CG bill usually looks like a ticket for 4 adults. So, come on, we probably wouldn't notice you while we chowed down. CG is one of our favorite restaurants.

Sarah- Great on making goal!!! You got your two piece ready for this summer, yet?

Karen- 20 lbs!!!! That's awesome!!! We all knew you could do it! Those 5 lbs will probably be gone before you can snap your fingers. KUTGW!!!

Jillian- MMMMMM Sushi and Vodka and Champagne....well, well, sounds like you had some fun this weekend. LOL! You working out so often should help with those liquid fruits and starches. I'll be joining you in the workouts because I have got to be down 50 lbs by mid August to reach my Feb goal weight without stressing out so much. Have a POP Day!

Dan- You sound so excited about going to the museum to see Billy the Kid... It sounds like you had more fun at the social event with Liz's co-workers. And, glad to hear your back is doing better.

Lettie- Congrats on getting back on track...Day 4! That's great. I hope you don't have to move, but a lot of times, there are great things in store for you, that you could never dream/imagine about if you are positioned to take the chance to receive it. I firmly believe in that. I hope you have a great day.

KrispieD-I hope your DH finds the ring. It sounds extra special. You sound like you are taking it in stride. I guess I would be a little upset if my DH would lose his, because, for one, if I lost mine, he would hit the roof. So, it would only be right for me to be mad at him. But secondly, if my DH was as nice looking as yours, I would have to beat the other ladies off with a stick. Seriously though, I hope he finds it. Get some rest, Lady. I know how it is to run a Motel 6 inside your home. Have a great day!

Liza- Glad Mini Me is doing good for the most part. You sound like you really love your job. How many people can say that??? I'm a SAHM and I know some days I surely don't "feel the love". Anyhoo, I was in San Diego, late April and it just seems like something disastrous was always happening in the surrounding areas. You have to stay busy in your market. How do you get your sleep in?

Brit- GL at WI today. I will wish myself the same.

As far as me, those two lbs I gained from Friday are gone(sodium gets you everytime)...however, I still have an extra 1 1/2 lbs that needs to go away. When I get Subway the next time, I will eat my sandwich open face. I really think the 2 pieces of bread had something to do with my gain, as well as the small cheats on Sat. afternoon. My starches were light all week plus I did a TO, so maybe??? I don't know. Maybe, after I work out this morning and have a "release", I will see a change. Note to self: Work on scale addiction. I'm obsessed with my weight.
My eating plan for today: POP with the lightest starches and proteins possible, because Lord help me when I get to CG, tonight!!! The saga continues...HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYBODY!!!
I have a reasonable portion of health and a sound mind. I am able to lose weight.

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