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Hi Golden Girls!!! Seems like I have been gone for forever!!! (Meowee you could never be as dense as I!!!! I haven't even tried to get up the courage to dog the issue of the trackers until I reach success!!)

Anyway...June was a busy month traveling and visiting. Hope this month settles down to a peaceful pace. Good news....I actually lost 6 pounds during the month of June. (8 pounds during the month of May). I will be elated to leave the 80's behind and looking forward to the 70's.

I went out to eat yesterday with family to (Chicago's??), and ordered a ceasar grilled chicken salad. It was very good....BUT....I figured out that they served a 1200 - 1500 calorie salad....but I was able to cut it down to about 400 calories. I was so proud of myself. All afternoon I felt energized and totally happy with the meal. After thinking about it, I figured out a little trick that I could have done that would have made the meal even greater....they had the opportunity of ordering a ceasar salad minus chicken that was fairly cheap....if I had ordered that salad "to go", then put half of the chicken from my salad onto the "to go" salad, I could have had another great salad for the next day.

Oh, round figures this is how I dropped the calories from the salad.
Ordered dressing on the side.....minus 400 calories
Gave the garlic toast to friend...minus 200 calories
Gave the (1/2 cup or so of) croutons to a friend...minus 200 calories
Gave some of the chicken to friend....minus a few calories
Didn't eat all the parmesean cheese...minus a few more

Couldn't believe how many calories there was in the total salad....if eaten as was normally served to a customer, it would have been fewer calories to have ordered a hamburger!!

Anyway...New Month....and, I'm more confident about this month than last, even though last month was a good learning curve in regards to living with myself ie cravings/emotions/eating out etc.

Will change my numbers next post.
Happy to see you all back.
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