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Honestly I still have no clue what my goal weight is.

And goal weights are one of the reasons I could never join WW (apologies to all who find this a wonderful program)

When my 70 year old mom joined WW they told her that for her height her goal weight needed to be 142. My mom hasnt been that small since she was in her early 20's. At the time she was around 180, but very very active.

She got down to 150, was riding her bike as much as 100 miles a week, walking daily, and she just kind of got stuck. She was REALLY happy where she was and went to WW and asked for help in transitioning to maintenance and they wouldnt help her because she hadnt hit goal. And of course then she couldnt be a lifetime member and on her budget it was killing her for a program that wouldnt support her. - She did in fact try to transition to maintenance on her own and continue with ww meetings but got tired of being labeled as not succeeding when week after week she stayed at 150 +/- 2 lbs.

She ended up leaving WW because they wouldnt help and regained all of the weight. Its not (all) ww fault, but for a program that is to be about support to tell her her achievement of losing 30 lbs wasnt good enough if she couldnt lose the last 8 was very demoralizing to her. I think really if they had said, ok, goal is 150, this is how you start to add points to maintain, she would have been much better off.

My point wasnt really to bash ww, it was more along the dangers of getting attached to a number.
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