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Originally Posted by Meg View Post
It seems logical to follow up on our first two topics of unattainably thin body weight ideals and prejudice against obesity with this study about the formerly obese. I have to say that this passage blew my mind when I first read it:

The obvious question is -- how would you answer the question? And why? Why do you think the researcher got the responses she did?

I'm still trying to figure out what I would say.
I will admit I haven't gone through all 5 pages of this thread, in fact, I only went through the 1st page. Two things caught my eyes, deaf, diabetes.

Starting with deaf. I have been a relay operator for the deaf for the past 2+ years. I have dealt with very abusive people, both hearing and deaf. I have been called names by both parties. Although at this stage, I would definitely know how to use the telephone system, I have developed many prejudices against the deaf. I will not list them here. Besides, music has always been very important to me, I cannot phantom losing the ability to hear my favorite 80's tune. But, then again, technologies have really advanced, as cochlear implants have come along. Maybe by the time I was deaf, that would be reversable.

As for diabetes, well I already got that. I have mentioned here that I am very thankful that I was diagnosed with diabetes, as for the the 1st time in my life I am in control of my body instead of my body in control over me. It sucks that I have to prick myself daily, but this pricking tells me alot. Even though the pricking is based on the carbohydrates I had prior, it also tells me, and reminds me of the amount of calories I had. When my blood sugar level is unacceptable to me, then I know I did a bad thing. If I was told that I was no longer diabetic, I would continue to prick myself.

I guess I would chose to be obese again, at least I wold have more knowledge on what I have to do to lose the weight. Obesity is curable through diet, diseases can only be controlled by drugs.
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