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Originally Posted by shrinkingchica View Post
I agree with your general ideas there ennay.

But, the differenence (and it is MAJOR) is that we HAVE to eat everyday. We have to face our demons up close and personal everyday. It would then, therefore, be like an alcoholic who is forced to drink everyday but limit it to only a shot or a can of beer and no more.
Life isn't fair. And no one said it would be.

Alcoholics HAVE to drink every day, too. The difference is in what they chose to drink. We also HAVE to eat every day. But we can chose foods that trigger us, or we can chose foods that our bodies can control. Our trigger foods are our alcohol. It's a choice we and alcoholics have to make every day.
"If hunger is not the problem, food is not the answer." ~Silversun (and others!)

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