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I think, just from my own experience and watching dh the difference between emotional eating for some people and for others is the in between stuff.

If dh overeats for any reason, without even thinking about it the next day he eats less. It is NOT a conscious thing for him, he just isnt hungry

If dh is in a car all day long and therefor unusually sedentary his appetite virtually vanishes. I have to BEG him to stop for food.

So even if our emotional response to food is the same (yes I have known THIN people who have also eaten a whole pie in a weak moment), our everyday response to overeating may be VASTLY different. And havent we time and time again said, it isnt the ONE binge that made us fat?

So if my thin friend Alison eats a pie she may be far more likely to consume a few hundred calories less for the next few days some what automatically. Whereas even if I forgive myself for the pie and dont enter somekind of self abusive cycle, my blood sugar is all out of whack and it takes extreme consious control to ignore the hunger pangs and eat high protein to slowly get off the rollercoaster.

So maybe our initial response to emotion is identical, but maybe our BIOLOGY makes the next 5 days different. So? What if she is right and it is biology?

Unless we use conscious control.

To say that we shouldnt TRY to solve our emotional eating is ludicrous. Yes, thin people can overeat, but it isnt damaging to them. It IS damaging to us. Its like alcohol. I am not an alcoholic. I can have an occasional drink with no ill effects. I can even occasionally get rip roaring drunk. I dont typically concern myself with trying to avoid it. But to an alcoholic it is damaging. Do we say that it is useless for them to try to avoid a drink?
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