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do I believe genetics plays a role....absolutely

do I believe that there is a 30 lb range? maybe. I know a lot of women my height who weigh down in the teens, I just dont see that as possible for me.

do I believe that I have lived the majority of my life in that range? Absolutely not. I think my "genetic weight range" if there is one is probably 120-140 ish. Maybe a bit higher or lower.

I also know that I systematically was taught to overeat as a kid

I know that I was rewarded for eating well and punished for not eating

I know that I use food for emotional and spiritual reasons and not just fuel.

If I conquer all the last 3 and still cant lose weight, then and only then do I think I can blame it on genetics.

There are some things that might be true.

I do think that I am not capable of eating only 1200 calories a day. I think attempts to do so in the past have led to some of the failure cycles the author talks about.

But for me to sit there at 184 lbs sedentary and eating enormous quantities of food and blame it on either genetics OR upbringing is denying my own responsibility. Yes, my parents didnt teach me how to eat well, but guess what..I am 37...its time for ME to teach me how to eat well.
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