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Whoo....socially acceptable predjudice. On the one hand I do think there are other predjudices, like smoking, but on the other hand....well most people, even those who despise smoking will say it is an addictive drug. I think there is far more sympathy for the struggles of a smoker to quit than there is for an obese person to lose weight.

I think the problem with the "eat less and move more" is the how. It took me so many attempts to figure out HOW to eat less without feeling ravenous. and I still cant fathom how anyone eats as little as most people do here at 3FC and functions. Maybe I could do it, but I still dont think I could.

I cant count the number of times I was sucked into an article that touted "easy ways to slash calories" only to read crap like "replace your foccacia bread with whole wheat bread on your daily sandwich and save 300 calories a day or 30 lbs a year!" uh ....yeah....foccacia bread...THATS how I got fat.
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