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Okay, here's what they did:

They asked "mine-thine" questions, and participants were "asked to identify their own worst handicap or disability. This handicap ("mine") is then paired with other disabilities ("thine"). . . The mine-thine choices consisted of seven forced choices between morbid obesity and being normal weight with each of the followsing: needing a hearing aid (deaf), very bad acne, heart disease, unable to read (dyslexic), being diabetic (requiring insulin), being legally blind, and having one leg amputated. Patients were told: 'In the following questions, being morbidly obese is paired with being of normal weight with a disability. Choose the one you would prefer to have in each pair if both were permanent.'" The 47 patients (39 women, 8 men, all patients of the same doctor) were interviewed by phone, all by the same nurse, for about 1/2 hour. "The questionnaire focused on patient behaviors that were thought to be important in successful maintenance of weight loss." None of that data is in this article, though.

So, Soulbliss, the obesity was actually the weight they were, not just obese or 100 lbs extra, etc.

Another part of the article notes:

Patients in this study do not represent a general sample of morbidly obese adults. Rather, they are representative of the select group of morbidly obese adults who elect surgery for obesity and who are able to comply with post-operative eating behavior changes. Among this group, very few were willing to reclaim their former disability of morbid obesity in forced-choice pairs. It goes on to note that all these people had marked improvements in many areas of their lives, and were perhaps unwilling to go back to the "experienced social oppobrium directed towards them when they were morbidly obese."

I actually have this article as a (mediocre quality) PDF, and would share it - it's only 3 pages long. PM me your email if you'd like it.

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