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Originally Posted by ValerieL View Post
The 100 lbs was more of a minimum not a specific. I meant it as a yardstick for those on the thread that have never experienced obesity in that degree. I think for those of us who have been 100 or more plus pounds, we would naturally be considering the question from the viewpoint of permanently weighing the most that we ever weighed. As, I assume, I know we don't know for sure, the gastric bypass patients in the original study probably did.
I didn't naturally assume that, and I "experience obesity to that degree".

I took the question to mean "obese" not "the most obese you ever were".

Lets take the example of a woman whose "ideal" weight is 150 pounds. 100 pounds overweight would put her at 250 pounds. 250 seems so much more livable than 350. While both may be "obese" weights, there is a big difference between weighing 250 and 350! Personally, I look and feel pretty great at 250. 200 is better in so many ways, but is still considered "overweight" by the ridiculous BMI charts and 98% of society. Still, I think that being 250 permanently would be much better than being blind or missing a limb.

Again, it will be very interesting to see what the actual question asked of all those people who lost 100+ pounds was.
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