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I'm going to pop in for a sec without the book. I wonder when the library is open and if I can get it back.

The gentics thing hit home for me. I 'thought' I was a sturdy Flemish woooman. However, when I stopped to think about my parents and grand parents ... hmmm .... one was obese and died that way. A couple were heavy and a couple were rail thin. That was an eye opener for me.

Nurture? While food was important at home. Snacks were not. We had meat, potatoes and home grown vegetables. One serving of each. There were six of us and not much money. A chocolate bar was a treat that Mom brought home with the groceries. One for each. I don't think I had pizza or McDonalds until I was a teenager.

All that means nothing very clearly to me

I found the twin studies very compelling but not insurmountable.
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