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We have a large asian community where I live, and I can tell you what happens - and have heard from their parents. Those who stick to the traditional home diet are fine, thin, typical asian builds. Those who migrate to the US culture and develop a liking for fast food, pizza and video games develop problems. I see quite a few overweight asian kids (mostly boys, the gamers) and it ain't pretty. It would indicate basic biology and math rather than genetics in their case.

I think you really do have to read the book and be caught up to appreciate the discussion. The early chapters are not as exciting as the modern day stuff, but they serve to build on the case of just how long this problem has existed - for centuries! It may seem like only since the low fat craze of the 80's, but that's probably just what we can remember back to. I do know there was diet rite and AYDS candies when I was little - the diet aid of the 70's!!

I think there are 2 things I'm taking away from this book (I'm up to the final chapter, chapter 8). One is, there are people who report never feeling full. That is a distinct case, of leptin challenged, metabolically challenged, or something. That's not me - I do feel full. Then there are the others, like me, who work hard to be overweight. We work hard to hit the 7-11 for a Super Big Gulp or decide to have fast food when it would be just as easy to make a s'which at home. For us, I want to know what is wrong in our brains that we attack our own successes and derail our progress and make an effort to pursue bad rewards. One of the big authors (Dr Phil maybe?) said that obese people work HARD to stay that way. I think it's true, it's hard to scheme how to consume 3000 kc a day. But WHY? Why do we feel the need to do this to ourselves? Is this just what WE do, whereas our sisters choose other things - overspending, overdrinking, promiscuity,..... and food is just our thing? That's what I'd like answered. So yes, I think there IS emotional eating, but I don't think it's what has ever been defined before. I think our emotional eating separates us from the THIN, in that somewhere in our brain or emotions, we are driven to derail our progress. Unwanted attention from others, fear of removing our insulation from the world, keeping our anxiety at bay (for me I think), don't know what the causes are, but that's my definition of emotional eating. Why do we eat the BAG and others eat 2 servings?

By the way, the end of chapter 7 - TEN MONTHS UPDATE - is all me. Can't wait for that section, it was like reading my diary. The same thought patterns, the same actions. Frightening.

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