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I got into a semi-related discussion with my dad the other day about social stigmas, when they were acceptable, etc.

Basically, its OK in modern society to dislike or stigmatize someone for something that they DO, not something that they ARE. Thats the basic rule of political correctness. So if her point is that tending toward obese is a biologically based thing that someone IS, the social stigma toward obesity would lessened once everyone is convinced of that. If obesity is a result of something that a person DOES, however, its OK in our society to stigmatize.

This conversation actually came up in a discussion about gay rights, but its relevant here. (thats the fundamental reason why many feel it is ok to berate or otherwise criticize gay people...they see it as something that you DO, not something that you ARE. Its a VERY critical distinction in terms of how things are viewed and a fundamental disconnect between the two sides on MANY issues)

From my personal point of view, I'm somewhere in between believing that obesity is something that you DO or something that you ARE. I do know that there are PLENTY of people around me who eat and drink to excess who remain incredibly normal-weight or under-weight (my friend Adrienne had a rough day, as did I. We were talking about our desserts - me, a modest portion of homemade fat free frozen yogurt. Her, half a pint of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and a bag of pepperidge farm cookies. No joke. She is 5'8" and weighs 130 lbs), and I do know that if I had eating habits like MANY of my friends, I would be gaining from that side, it is something that I AM - I AM a person who tends toward obesity. However, I have control over that, so it is ALSO something that I DO (I CHOOSE to eat, move, and manage my life to counteract my propensity toward obesity).

Sorry for rambling :-)
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