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Well emotional eating IS the reason I got so heavy. I didn't get that way from going back for leftovers one time too many. I got that way from eating when I was bored, lonely, depressed?, sad, happy, angry and on and on. I do think at some point though it became habit. But that's another story.

You can then easily say, well why did I use food in those situations and to such a large extent? Why if I was bored, sad, etc.., didn't I stop at a certain point?

I do think there is a genetic component and without a doubt an environmental one. I don't think those are the MAIN factors though for obesity.

I was the cause of my obesity. Me, myself and I. Like Heather said. I take full responsibility for it. I was the cause of every single pound of me, circumstances aside. It WAS in my control. I just chose to NOT control it. I thought that I COULDN'T control it, but that was the denial I was living in.
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