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I woke up to a thought --

The study participants, we've found out, are all morbidly obese people who chose weight loss surgery, presumably because they were unable to lose weight through conventional diet and exercise. So, perhaps to them, becoming obese again would be a kind of death sentence because they're convinced that they do not have to tools and skills to lose weight on their own.

In contrast, most if not all of us who have posted in this thread are losing or have lost weight through diet and exercise, so we all know it works and how to work it. If any of us woke up and found ourselves morbidly obese, we sure wouldn't be happy about it -- but we'd know exactly what to do to fix it.

I was morbidly obese (my BMI was 44) and lost it all, so I'd go right back into full diet mode and do it again. It would suck, but I have no doubt that I could lose the weight once again. So I would definitely choose obesity over a permanent disability that would not be so easy to fix.

Do you think that surgery versus non-surgery explains the difference we're seeing between our responses and the study's?
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