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Okay another formerly MORBIDLY obese person ummm ..... weighing in here so to speak. Yes, I still would choose being MORBIDLY obese over the diseases. And I was most certainly miserable from it, it was life altering, my quality of life was POOR because of it. I was horribly inactive due to it. I had horrible pain in my knees. It was a horror for me. But, it was still my doing, it was my choice. And there IS a way out. It might not have been easy and I know that it never will get easy. That it WILL be a struggle for me forever and ever, but nevertheless it IS controllable.

But I do wonder if I say that now having lost 146 lbs. But I don't think so. I always knew deep down that I did have the abililty to lose the weight.

It is a great observation though - why do all of us here choose obesity over those other things? Hmmmm...........
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