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Four all but 4 years of my 46 year life I've been within 10 pounds of my 'normal' weight and by dieting was able to return to that weight with no problem. Then I went on a medication that changed my appetite and food cravings. For the first time, I was truly overweight on my way to being obese.

Before I gained the weight, I had always thought that overweight and obese people were that way because they choose to be. That all they had to do was refrain from eating certain foods the way I did on a diet. I thought they were lazy or weak. I was making a judgement on fat people. I was prejudice.

When I took the medicine, my eating went out of control. I was constainly hungry and I couldn't get satietied. I craved carbs and sweets and my will power bowed into them. I gained 50 pounds over five years and was on the edge of the obesity charts. I was now one of 'them'. I started to think of myself as weak and lazy. My prejudice had turned inward.

Then a year and a half ago, I was very fortunate to have a change in medicines and over 15 months lost 55 pounds due to no effort on my own. My appetite greatly decreased and the few times I was hungry, all I wanted was salad. So I ate accordingly and the weight melted off. But I realized that I didn't have control over gaining the weight just as I didn't have control over losing the weight. All of a sudden, I had a new prespective on people who struggle with obesity.

Since early this year, I've become fascinated with reading diet books and learning what I can do in order to maintain the weight I'm at now. I have learned so much about the complex factors that lead people towards obesity and makes it difficult to lose weight long term.

Now that I've lost a significant amount of weight for my height, I am very much aware of others who are overweight. Whereas before I thought they could do something about it if they really wanted to, now I have empthy of how hard it is to do so.

While I still believe that eating a healthy, low fat diet and exercising would help most people, I now know that there are many other factors involved and it's simple not a function of will power. And therefore, I must change my beliefs and prejudices.

Sincerely, Carolyn

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