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Yo, Edyie: I've faced that same situation in the past and the conclusion I've come to (after the obligatory gnashing of teeth and going through the 'I Give Up, Why Bother?' stage) is THE DOCTOR'S SCALE IS WRONG! Seriously, it doesn't matter what the doctor's scale says or your scale says. A scale is merely one measurement of progress (or time of the month or what you ate the night before). Over time, the scale can be your friend, but you need to give credence to only one scale at a time. Tell the doctor's staff you don't want to be weighed and report your weight or declare to them that you go by your scale at home, which weighs X number of pounds differently, so that when you step on, you simply translate it to your own figures. It doesn't matter what the doctor thinks you weigh, YOU KNOW what you weigh. Doctor's scales are often wrong also ... it's all relevant and you are the one in charge. Don't start mentally upping the weight you consider yourself at, please. That really WILL drive you nuts. Someday, when you are the size you like best in all the world, you can get decide whether to get a new scale or just stop weighing yourself altogether. Tell the doctor he needs a new scale and as LLB says, just hang in with all of us.

My effort to be less compulsive today was to assign calories from low salt V8 juice to an "all you want, don't write me down" category. I am in a healing mode and I needed the extra vitamins and pick-me-up. It went pretty well as I stuck only to the juice instead of candy. An experiment with a low-calorie "cherry cobbler" from the Richard Simmons cookbook went less well. The cake is low in calories, but I ate too much. Tomorrow is another day. I am also trying to substitute a mixture of skim milk powder, cold water and a little non-dairy vanilla coffee creamer powder to achieve the satisfaction I get from slimfast. It kind of works and is 80 calories less than the real thing. So I am high on calories but also high on satisfaction. An equitable trade.
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