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Speaking a little more about prejudice...while the most common experiences we all usually have are in the form of direct contacts with folks from either converstation or with a look, I have a personal experience in the power of the brother's ex-wife came home to meet the family for the first time, and while she was here, she was pretty courteous and nice. Later on, long after she went back home, we happened to find out by accident her personal webpage online, and were shocked at the comments she made about us being overweight (direct reference to us, so there was NO misunderstandings). She herself is really skinny and petite. Not only was all this public, but she also had some very derogatory views on obese people even going out to the bars, hooking up with others, etc.

Needless to say, my family was pretty hurt and crushed by these revelations, and it did strain our relations with her. But what I found most troubling was how we never even had the slightest indication of her prejudice, and how much support her prejudices received online from others. The internet is a powerful tool in spreading these prejudices around the world, so we should include that in this conversation as well.
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