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While I do agree that eat less, move more is the basic philosophy for weight loss, at the same time, it does not begin to explain the reasons behind weight gains and why.

For instance, our culture here in America is geared towards big sized meal, and big everything else. Heck, Texas has made it their state motto! But the point here is America's society has gone way off track when it comes to portion control and moderation. Furthermore, so many of our foods are coming to us with tons of chemical, preservatives, and high levels of sodium in it. Besides the obvious side effects of weight loss on our health, all of these chemicals and whatnot are also contributing factors as well. Therefore, I don't see how anyone can do a successful weight loss without also doing a greener lifestyle for themselves to some extent. To me, it goes hand in hand.

My local grocery store has finally started to really get more organic products in, albeit slowly. It's not easy switching to a greener way of living, and indeed, some of it is just not feasible in our lives, but we should try to aim for it. I believe this would go a long way towards combating society's viewpoint on the causes behind weight loss, and the various health issues as well. Plus, it would help if we weren't constantly exposed to unrealistic expectations of models on every cover.

I have experienced to some degree prejudice against my weight gains. But I have found that sometimes through sheer force of my personality and wit, that most people get over it. We all have our own battles that we fight everyday, whether it's weight loss or something else, so it's more than enough time for society here in America to start rethinking some of their viewpoints.
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