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Default Prolactinoma non-news

How are you all faring?

I haven't posted in a while because I haven't had much new to report. I went to my regular internist today to get some fresh prescriptions for allergy meds. He seemed to feel that seeking out another endocrinologist would be a mistake. The one I'm seeing at the University is really the only one in my city that treats pituitary tumors regularly, he claims. My doctor seemed also unalarmed by my weight concerns. He was a bit concerned that my blood pressure which is normally low, is now up a bit, but still in a very normal range. So much for the initial bromocriptine very very low pressure side effects--which clearly has gone away.

On the peeling, dry, cracking nails front--they seem to be a bit better with reducing the bromocriptine and also taking Biotin supplements from Whole Foods. I also treated myself to Barielle nail strengthener. One of the above is somehow helping, maybe all.

Weight-wise--a few people have told me I appear thinner. I now dread getting on the scale though and haven't checked, frankly. I know I haven't gained. The whole thing is draining. How about your progress?
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