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(I've stolen SHRINKINCHICA'S idea and am going to answer the questions.

Do you agree that obesity is unacceptable in our society, despite the fact that 2/3 of us are overweight or obese?:
Unacceptable... definately... we have beautiful models and starlets, photoshopped and airbrushed to perfection. Obese people can look at "morbidly obese" people and shun them or think "Wow.. glad I'm not that big" we always manage to look at somebody else - criticize them - to make us feel better about ourselves.
If you go to a Doctor with an ache or pain before they even examine you they're convinced it is something to do with your weight - at times yes it is - but sometimes its not, and so their diagnosis can be incorrect because of their prejudices.

What about prejudice against fat people - have you experienced it?:
My father is "fataphobic" and so if he sees somebody go by him who is... large... he will scoff, roll his eyes or breathe a sigh of relief (the person can't hear it though he makes sure of that). Actually the whole side of his family are the same and after nagging at me for 3 weeks or so about losing weight they'll walk by a big lady and say "wow... and you think you're big!? Count yourself lucky!"

Do you agree that it's the last remaining socially acceptable prejudice?:
Hmmm... I agree with the few that mentioned smokers. Actually it reminded me of something I saw on House (tv show) where he mentioned that there are cancer ribbons for so many different cancers but they don't have one for lung cancer. It was interesting because he went on to say that the reason they don't have one is because people blame smokers for lung cancer therefore we dont "sympathise" with them. I sympathise with anybody who gets cancer... but I would find it difficult to sympathise with a person who stepped out in front of a train and lost his leg. Saying that though, my best friend would always complain that she was getting/is fat... everyday I would say to her "well come with me to the gym" and she would say "no.. I can't be bothered" it would annoy me so much and so if she complained about her weight gain I would just ask her to stop talking about it (she was actually quite skinny). Somebody mentioned that race, culture and religion are still prejudices wrought in our society - but the question is - is it "socially acceptable."
I think for some cases it is.
Prejudices against race are only acceptable if they are the "enemy" at the time for example "Arabs" or if its religion "Islam." Media exploits the stereotypes of "the enemy" and therefore creating prejudices in people who never had them... which in turn makes them socially acceptable. We also see it in some cases against Jewish people, especially in movies - they're portrayed as having a certain accent or having certain behaviours or personality traits. We also see the same with black people and prejudice towards black sexuality and masculinity. In conclusion Prejudice is socially acceptable as long as its 'toned down.' and doesn't cause anybody PHYSICAL harm. Obese people get it all the time... they are no different from any other group. I'm from the U.K. and obesity seems to be the "enemy" over here and so the hospital boards are going crazy trying to decide what treatments they will "give" obese people and which treatments they won't - as if obese people are second class citizens.

Do we blame the victim, and if we do, is it a fair criticism?:
Yes we do... and we love it. It's controversial, and we love controversy! Also it makes us feel better about everything we do... lulls us into a false sense of security. Sometimes its fair - I know that here in the U.K. they are not allowing morbidly obese people I.V.F (invitro fertislisation treatment) unless they lose a little bit of weight. I believe it's fair because the treatment is extremely costly and in most cases will not work - also if it does work - it is more likely to be detrimental and a hazard to the mother and baby's health.

Those are the questions that really interested me - i'm sorry if I've offended anyone and I would also like to aplogise if I went on a tangent above (lol), I just had to do a study on the "prejudices" part... it hit a nerve lol.
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