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Originally Posted by rockinrobin View Post
Of course the bottom - BOTTOM line IS "eat less, move more".
See, that's where I'm at. There's a thread floating around here somewhere called something like "the secret to my success!" All of the posters have said there is no "trick", no magic bullet ... it's good old-fashioned effort to move more and eat fewer calories. I know that when I make certain choices, I lose weight, so this axiom is true for me.

Originally Posted by rockinrobin View Post
It's funny though, for a society who looks down upon obesity, there sure is lots and lots and LOTS of fattening and unhealthy food all around us.
My thoughts, exactly. While ultimately, the choice is ours about what we put in our body, if you avoid all fattening and unhealthy foods you are an exception to the rule. It's very hard for, say, a single working parent with kids in evening activities to avoid getting fast food for dinner. Food has been an integral part of every culture, it's just that our food tends to be more processed, more abundant, and less healthy.

I think ultimately, it boils down to this: change happens when the benefits of our current lifestyle no longer outweigh the cost.
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