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Do you agree that obesity is unacceptable in our society, despite the fact that 2/3 of us are overweight or obese?
Yes, and for the reasons given. If you do indeed believe that overweight is caused by sittin' and eatin' then it makes sense to think all the fat need to do is step away from the buffet and go for a walk. It's ignorance as are all prejudices.

What about prejudice against fat people - have you experienced it?
Yes and, interestingly enough, reverse prejudice. I haven't lost enough weight to really know what I'm talking about. I was never 'that bad'. It's evident, even in this thread.

Do you agree that it's the last remaining socially acceptable prejudice?
No. Acceptable by who? where? There's lots.

Do we blame the victim, and if we do, is it a fair criticism?
Yes, a lot of the time. Is it fair? No, not all the time. I like what Lilly has to say about being a victim.

Can we do better than "eat less, move more"?
Only if we talk a lot more. We first have to get past the notion that slimness is a vanity issue. This is our health! We hate to go to the doc to be lectured on preventative medicine. Can you imagine a slender young woman going to the doc for her first round of birth control? She'll endure a pelvic examine. She remembers more from the TV commercials than from what the doc tells her. She's gorgeous and lithe. The boys all want her. "OK," the doc says, "Let's talk about eating less fats and getting you into some kind of exercise programme. I had to amputate your diabetic Dad's toe last week." She'll glaze right over and start thinking about her next date.
Have you ever spoken to a baseball Mom after the coach has handed out fitness nutrition sheets?
... Susan
Eat good food. Move yourself. Lift something.
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