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I think when I eat less and move more, I feel like a bipolar person on mood stabilizers. Seriously. I've heard people in treatment say they hate staying on their meds bc not only are their lows treated, but they miss the highs. They feel like they are on "even hummmm" all the time - going thru the motions, robotic, life is boring.

I noticed the last time I stayed on plan for a long, long time, that in fact, I had become bored. Food is my entertainment, my reward, my treat system. With eating at home, healthy foods, and only doing healthy shopping at the grocery store, I was deying my brain of some "highs." I could feel it. I definitely think it was related to my dopamine, seratonin, or whatever chemical in the brain is affected by chocolate, junk and the pursuit of going to the store to purchase it. It was totally like getting a fix for me, the same way I imagine it must be for people who are drug addicted to get their next fix. How sad is that?
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