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Thunderheart: I know the feeling about walking past the mirror...I have the same experience!!! Like I feel lean and mean...and the image is not there yet. Soon!

Lisa: CONGRATS on your C1 ending and starting to plan C2!!! Don't think of it as taking longer to finish but give yourself credit for finishing!!!

Kelster! Week8???????????? WOW.

Mel: thanks for the feedback on the ab/ad machine

Carly: I did oxycise once upon a time...did you like it? I had the commuter tape and did it in my car but I don't know where it is now.

MrsJim: you do sound like you are working hard. You go girl! When will we see the pix??? I do so want one of you over 200 lbs to lead the montage....

off to sleep...court in the morning.....yawn!!
Success is laying a foundation with bricks thrown by others."
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