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Welcome Sunspot!!!

I do my workouts in the morning when I can. For cardio I usually always try to do my workouts in the morning. Weights vary.

I work out at home but also have a gym membership. I can't seem to duplicate a leg press at home and if I could find a good one for home use, I would be all set. I have powerblocks, a swiss ball, an elliptical trainer and this week I'm getting resistance bands. I also go to the gym for Pilates/yoga but you can do that at home too (not part of BFL, it's what I use for STRETCHING).

As you may have picked up, going by the book is recommended for your first challenge so you really can see how the program works.

Please feel free to ask any and all questions!!!

Glad you're here!
Success is laying a foundation with bricks thrown by others."
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