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I started with Metabolic research center in January. I spent around 300 bucks for about 6 months (give or take a week).

However, I ran into some problems with MRC and left in March.

All I remembered while on their program was simply starving. I was starving so badly, I will always remember January as the most stressful month of my life. Everytime I saw someone eating I would get very upset and break down.

I talked to my counselor with MRC and she tried alternative options but in the end, I was still starving. 4 oz chicken for this 4 oz veggies for that. The food was VERY boring and the 30 dollar recipe book wasn't even worth 10 bucks because all of the recipes aren't designed for you. So, in reality, there was only 20 recipes in there I could use...and was chicken. Eh, I though, I'll still battle my way threw it. I dont give up so easily.

However, in March, I realized that I had spent about one thousand dollars on this diet (not including the sign up fee). Whilst I did lose weight my coffers were empty. Every week I was throwing down a hundred bucks here and a hundred bucks there. True, you could probably get all of their supplements at GNC for 60% of the costs the deed was done. I was so pissed at myself that I spent almost a thousand bucks to loose thirty pounds in four months.

Of course I loved the weight loss! However, if I continued on this transition, I would be bankrupt before I got to my goal. Those shakes are ungodly expensive and those snacks are $$$$$$$$

I left MRC for another weight loss alternative (I wont name it cause I don't want you all to think Im advertising) but Im loosing almost 2 pounds a day on it and it has giving me 1000x more energy than MRC has ever did not to mention my blood work and chlosterol went down much faster on my new diet. I have yet to feel hunger pains.

While I do agree MRC works wonders for others, it didn't for me and, adly, I spent so much money trying to make it work.

Im am sooo happy its working for you. Good luck in your weightloss!! Im so proud of you for loosing so much weight so far!!!
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