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Default Monday

Hi y'all- very tired here after too many late nights and food related social events this weekends. Kept it to 2 free meals, but they were doozies. Felt great to eat clean yesterday, but I think it's gonna take a few days to clean out the system. Did a shoulders, tri-bi and abs workout today and had to keep reminding myself on every rep of every set " this one is better than the last...". Easier said than done. I can't beleive I'm in week 10. Unfortunatly(BFL-wise), my son and I are going to Florida for a few days vacation Mon-Thurs. of week 12, so I may make this an 11 week challenge, and take that as my free week, then start c2 the following week. Bad timing, but this is Body for Life, not just 12 weeks, and I refuse to feel bad about it! Will just have to push even harder in weeks 10 and 11, then hit c2 with all I've got.

Sunspot- Hello! I do my cardio in the morning at home, but all my weight days at a gym in the late afternoons. I know it's not by the book, but it seems to work for me and IMO, we all have to make it fit into out lives in a way that we can stick with it. Not everybody is single, or childless, or a morning person. As for gym vs. home, I very quickly outgrew my home equipment for LBWO and would have had to buy more dumbells for UPB. When I got to the point that I could squat more than I could safely get into my shoulders without a spotter, I knew it was time to join a gym. And I like the atmosphere- it makes me work harder.

Susanje- I added the abd/add machine a few weeks ago and have been steadily upping the weights and really notice a change in the long interior muscle of my quad- much harder and leaner looking. Aside from the standing calve machine and the first time I did walking lunges, that was the only addition that made me so sore I could barely walk the next day- so I'm SURE it's doing something. Didn't know there was any dissension about it on l & s.

MrsJim- IKNOW we can't spot reduce- but why oh why is my waist getting bigger? I've had to work like crazy to add 1/2" to my calves, but my waist is now 1" bigger than when I started, despit e about a 6% drop in body fat. NOT GOOD! Any suggestions?

time to make dinner (oops, I mean meal 5)

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