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Default nearing the end of the endless challenge....

C1 lasted sixteen weeks for me, with lots of health issues and other problems. But the last three weeks have been great. I've been at the gym 5-6 days a week and after receiving some physical therapy, even my shoulder/neck problem has improved.

I'm having my BF% tested this week. It will give me a starting point for C2, beginning 3/25. And I've got a list of gyms to visit while I'm in North Carolina! Even though I'll be on "free time" I'm not going to miss the opportunity.

I'm already planning some changes for that one but I will definitely be splitting up my "parts" so that I can work more intensively.

Too many folks to say individual hellos to, but welcome to all the newcomers. Mrs.Jim we'll all be rooting for you when you do compete!

C1 countdown, five more days...
There are many paths up the mountain but we'll all reach the peak if we just keep climbing.
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