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Default Welcome Sunspot!

Feel free to ask any and all questions!

Have you read the book yet? It's essential to read the book before starting BFL. (not to offend, but you'd be amazed at how many people see the program outlined on the Web or in a magazine article - start and then stop - because they haven't read the book and gotten the full flavor of the program).

As far as morning vs. evening workouts. I'm an early bird myself - but the important thing is that you DO the workouts. If mornings don't work for you, then whenever. I wake up at 4:00-4:15 am (sometimes earlier depending on the kitty) and am usually in the gym by around 4:30 - 4:45 am. I know it sounds crazy but I've been doing that for years - I like having a quiet gym compared to the after-work rush and I'm accustomed to it.

There is no BFL workout video - but like carps said, go to the website and there are demo videos there. You can also check some other strength-training books for further info. The exercises shown in the BFL book are pretty standard weight-training exercises - but they WORK.

And check this out: for some illustrations on how to - and how NOT to - do some exercises "From Dork to Diva".

Carps - I don't have a tortilla recipe but did you try ordering from Netrition? They have those awesomely good La Tortilla Low-carb, high-protein whole wheat tortillas. You MUST try them!!!

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