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Default hi gals

hope everyone is feeling okay after free day, and back into it with enthusiasm today.

Sunspot - welcome to the board - congratulations on deciding to take the challenge - I am in week 6 of my first challenge - and LOVING it. If you go to the body for life web page they have video demonstrations of the exercises on line which you can look at when you like. I let someone else more experienced answer your other questions.

I have tweaked Pams blueberry pancake recipe slightly and it works great. I now put in 10 egg whites (instead of 6) and make it two servings (instead of 1). This gives each serve 20gms each of protein and carbs approx. Which works a lot better for BFL than the original recipe. you all should try it - its yumm!

I have decided to add Oxycise into my programme as it worked well for me before except that I was still eating compulsively and ruining everything I did in the exercise front. Now that my eating (and workouts) are good I know Oxycise will add a boost to my weight loss without overworking my muscles. (did that make sense?)

have to fly - a tonne of work to do and still a cardio workout to fit in) see ya

P.s. Does anyone have a recipe for making whole wheat tortillas at home. We only get white flour ones here and I figure they must be reasonably easy to make? (I can hear the laughter from here!)
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