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Default Another Survivor of Freeday

Hi everyone! I can't believe that I'm starting Week 6 already! I am so happy - I knew that I could do this but there is always that little bit of doubt. I was soooo hungry T-F-S of last week. This is the first time I've felt like this since I started. I've always had to make an effort to eat the 6 meals - now I can tell you what time of day it is based on my rumbling tummy. I've been reading on L&S that it might be due to muscle growth - yippee. So far I'm doing Ok with hunger today - but it is the day after free day! For me I crave potatoe chips and carbs towards the end of the week. If I could eat potatoe chips once a week for the rest of my life I would be a happy girl (wait a minute - I can!) Although I could forego the gut ache that goes with it.

Bought some glutamine today to prepare for tomorrow (did squats and deadlifts again this am). The soreness didn't really hit me last week until the day after - today they are just rubbery.

I had a "moment" this weekend while walking by a mirror. It puzzled me that the body I saw is not the body that I have in my thought processes on a daily basis. I realized that I am starting to think like an athlete and what I saw is not matching - but I know it will catch up!
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