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Angry Survive free day? Barely...

Had a burrito and split an order of nachos with Jim at around 2:00 pm...followed up with some ice cream...

And WHAM it hit me in the gut big time. I was just hoping I wouldn't toss my cookies!

Susan - you do the same thing I do - I'm always wanting carbs on Free Day - but they never taste as good as you think they are going to be, huh? We did the GS Cookie Thang last week.

I was asleep last night by 7 pm believe it or's funny - I've eaten a heckuva lot more on previous Free Days but this one just hit me (nope, wasn't food poisoning - Jim's was fine - it was just too much food). Probably due to being on Pam's nutrition program - not used to all those carbs now!

So YES it does feel wonderful to get back to eating clean today (even though I have to eat 2 cups of broccoli at lunch...and I am NOT a big broccoli fan unless it's in a stir fry).

I have my last personal training session tonight after work. Theresa doesn't know it's my last one, but I've gotta start watching the $$ a bit closer - Jim and I owe the IRS again this year but at least it's less than last year and actually I want to start taking two riding lessons a week in May if I can swing it!

I took 3-week progress pix and sent them to Pam this weekend at her request. Just out of curiosity, I put them next to each other and I could TOTALLY see a difference! Pam was pretty impressed too - and so was Jim.

But being in competition shape by first weekend of May might be asking a bit much...I should probably shoot for the one in July - but I do want to go to the May contest just to see how everything works. I've only seen contests on TV and they don't show the prejudging, etc. and I feel it's important for me to get a feel for the whole thing.

Anyway I was thrilled to see a bit of quad definition coming out (finally - remember that fat on my hips and thighs has been there for 30 years - first on, last off) and even a wee bit of abs!

Don't worry, I will be posting those photos sort of a progressive montage of sorts...

I am working VERY hard and I'm stoked! The weather's gorgeous today and that always makes me feel great - our Miami trip is in less than two weeks - can't wait to be in the tropics...I am planning on taking two free meals that week, but I've found a decent-sounding gym around the corner from our hotel and will be going there every morning!

Let's hear from the rest of y'all! how's it going?
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