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A new week, a new thread!!!

Everyone is doing well!!!

Claire: I did the backward Smith machine thing too in the beginning so don't worry! I also have seen pictures of it done both ways. I noticed, about 4 weeks into using it, that there was a picture on it telling you to face the other way. ooops... I really didn't like the suggested way either. I liked doing squats looking out at the gym, NOT looking in the mirror!!

Before Pilates class, I sat on the abductor/adductor machine because that area of the gym was empty and it was a good place to sit I was sitting there and played with the weight stack and then I did some exercises. I gave this machine up last year when some folks at L&S said they didn't think it did anything but yesterday I felt a definite pull in both my outer and inner thighs (and I was only screwing around waiting for class to begin not really working the machine hard) I was thinking that even if it doesn't build muscles, it must do something because I felt it and even if it's just a stretch, its a good one. I'm thinking of putting this machine back into my LBWO because those two areas are just so stubborn in spite of the millions of leg presses I do. So that was interesting.

Well, I dd my Pilates/Yoga yesterday and then had an MRP even though it was free day. Then about a hour or so later I had a bagel. Okay make that 2 bagels. Then I had some GS cookies (they don't taste as good when you're not diving into the bag). Later I went out to Indian food with a friend of mine...that was DELICIOUS...but hard on the gullet. I wolfed the food......but it tasted so good!!! Then I came home and ate some more GS cookies. Again, they just didn't taste as good and I wanted (GET THIS) an ORANGE.

So I ate an orange. Unbalanced by anything. To me, that's a free day freebie. Fruit without protein.

I am also looking forward to chicken and veggies today too. That free day stuff just kills!!!!!!!!!!!

How is everyone doing? Survive free day????????
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