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Okay Nikki, I couldn't decide which smilie to use so you got four. The last one, the good vibes is sent your way. I hope you find the right job for you.

Penny, sounds like you and Judy had a great coffee. I wish I'd been up in Portland yesterday. The Alaskan cruise was beautiful but I wouldn't do it again - it was chilly even at the end of July and there wasn't much to do except eat. I was lucky I only gained 3 pounds in the 7 days. All I did was eat, eat, eat. We're going back to Alaska in July but are flying and staying at an awesome lodge in Fairbanks. I'm so looking forward to Denali Natl Park and DH and I are going to snowshoe. Much better than eating non-stop.

Thanks for the compliments on the photo - I take very few decent photos that I had to share one that was good.

Have you ever noticed how easily a good mood can go to pot??? I was happy as a lark an hour and half ago. But then I decided that I could handle 1 hour of yard work (I hate yard work). So I weed whacked. The whacker wouldn't work right. The line wouldn't feed and by minute 50 it totally got screwed up. It is currently sitting in the middle of the driveway - where I threw it - yes I threw it. Then there was the other part - DH was joining me on the yard work. He picked up pine cones from BEYOND the yard. There's garbage (wood, housing stuff) stacked around the house and it looks trashy. I HATE it. But no, he picks up PINE CONES from where no one would ever see them???? So my mood has gone from good to pissed (sort of like Nikki's mom sounds like). At this point I'd like to go to work instead of having a day off.

BTWm I do feel better letting of steam.

So I'm going to work on improving my mood and I'll probably come back later.
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