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Penny on the missing pound!!! That's fabulous.

And I owe you a BIG THANKS!!! I researched the green hair in pool and you were 100% right that it's the copper doing my hair in. So out I went to the pump house and yes my algecide is copper based. Unfortunately I have a year's worth that I will now give away. On order is a year's worth of non-copper based and a metal remover (as well as other stuff). So hopefully that will sovle the problem. I just wish I came HERE before I colored my hair. I learned the vinegar rinses, baking soda pastes, tomoto paste, and other concoctions would have removed it. At least I know for the future. So again THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been a bum today other than cleaning a lot. I updated my website to put a skiing link with pictures on it. I guess I just had to play. Food has been munching on grape tomatoes (my latest addiction from costco) and cherries (also from costco). At least they're good for me.

DH didn't get the job he interviewed for so we're pretty bummed.

I'm still planning to take the doggies out but the day is slipping away.

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