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Nikki - I hope you enjoy your Japanese meal - the fried ice cream sounds goooood! You deserve a treat. I'm sure you'll enjoy your graduation. Our son had a great sense of relief when it was all over. Now begins the next chapter of your life and I hope it will be a happy and fulfilling one.

Carol - I'm glad you like the idea of sending your mean coworkers to the vets to get "tutored" . They need to go to learn some manners! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you have nice weather for the wedding. You must be getting really excited by now. I hope your back is feeling better. I think we both tend to overdo it with the gardening! I hope you have a great time kayaking and that the weather stays nice.

Marie - You look great in the photo. Your hair doesn't look green at all. It looks like you had good weather. Too bad you missed out on swimming but I'm sure you'll soon make up for it . Maybe Kody thought the vertical blinds were thin trees .

Judy - I'm looking forward to hopefully getting together with you tomorrow afternoon for a coffee. I hope your trip went smoothly.

I just got finished putting in some plants we bought at One Green World. They have a great website and sell by mail order if you're looking for something unusual. I bought an akebia vine and a new female kiwi. It turns out the one we have is an incompatible variety with the male. Let's hope this new arranged marriage works out and we get some little kiwis next year. Luckily they were having their annual sale so we got a good deal. I've also planted some foxgloves and delphiniums. I'm trying not to put in too many annuals as it's really a waste of money as they last such a short time. Our peonies, roses, and clematis are really looking gorgeous this year, probably because of all the rain we had this spring. I must say the bark dust really makes the flowers stand out. I'm doing quite well food-wise and have lost a pound, so I hope this is a trend.

Have a great Sunday everyone!
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